TOME is a timer locked case for smart devices

A simple and elegant solution for digital distraction, helping to re-establish the human connection


Our mobile devices are powerful and valuable tools, but what if we could use them more intelligently

TOME allows you to be present in the moment by removing device distractions. Integrate TOME into your life to consciously create healthy habits and restore balance



Time is precious, memories are more important than likes, retweets or being the first to reply.



Let's put a value on being present - truly enriching experiences only happen when we're fully engaged. 


Our closest relationships require us to be attentive to make our partner feel cherished.


Multi-tasking is now the norm, but real progress is only made when we're truly focussed.


At home in any setting 

Combining tradition and nature with the subtle hints of modernity, TOME's design fits into any domestic or commercial environment. The book-inspired form analogizes pastimes that pre-date the smart phone era.

The case is made from sustainably sourced, rich and durable walnut and accented by sleek, polished aluminum edges. Inside a soft cushioned interior protects devices and elasticated straps keeps them in place. 



We're announcing our crowdfunding go-live date this month