4 simple ways to keep your family first

The memories we make with our family is everything.
— Candace Cameron Bure


Family is everything. Having a healthy family is one of life's blessings to be grateful for. Thomas Jefferson, one of America's founding once said that some of the best moments he had in his life were those he spent with his family. In today’s fast-paced world, where time seems to be forever contracting, here are a few tips on how to make your family time count:


Family time

Keep Family First

Until you understand how important and special such moments are, you would underrate family time. It is when we spend time and interact well with family that love, friendship and a strong bond grows. Family time is precious and we must cherish it. It is easy to fall in to the trap of thinking that working so much to earn money is all that the family needs, neglecting the emotional needs of children too. Make sure that they have that special spot in your heart.


Create the time to connect

To have a healthy and beautiful family, quality family time is needed. Often, we confuse quantity time, or seeing or being around our family members with family time. Rather, family time is about quality of time spent together, not necessarily the quantity. It is not unusual to hear, “there is no time”, but we just have to create time for the ones we love.


Find a common ground to interact

One of my favorite childhood memories was when I used to play table tennis with my dad. Those were rare moments that I cherished. Not only did I value the odd life lesson from him delivered over a game or two, but the indestructible bonds we built solidified over things we both enjoyed doing. I am grateful to have learned the value of these moments which I can now look forward to creating with my own children. It is up to each of us to find common ground between ourselves and our kids. Find out what they love doing, interact with them and create memories that last a life time.  


Get out together

Little things and activities like exploring new areas by bike, exercising, starting a book club, dining out, catching a movie, or going on road trips with the family might look simple but they have a huge impact keeping bonds strong. Moments like that are when you can talk with the kids, know what is happening in their lives, instill confidence, teach life lessons, play and know that they understand love. This would go a long way in shaping their minds and knowing what family truly is in a world in which the concept of family time has become scarce.


If you are in parenthood, cherish these moments to be there for your kids. It involves you being intentional about creating time out of your busy schedule and being sure that family comes first. Spend these precious moments with them, they would most likely do the same when they have theirs too. Take this opportunity to create beautiful memories!