TOME by Medietas is a British company creating products with a focus on restoring balance to people’s life and work.

Time began for Medietas in 2016 when we set out to counter the social cost of smartphone addiction. At the centre of this solution sat a beautifully crafted timer-locked case for smart devices, standing as symbolic tool of freedom from device distraction.

British-made and of exceptional quality, the TOME case was inspired by Medietas co-founder Calvin’s desire to connect more deeply with his children, to whom the cost of his distraction was all too apparent. Inspiring people to disconnect from their devices and connect with those precious things that have been neglected in their lives, or more, those things that remain as yet undiscovered, underpins the TOME product.

Each item serves to appeal to those who share our passion for, and appreciation of design elegance coupled with practical function and bigger purpose. We hope you enjoy the same satisfaction when you engage with our content and products as we do in dreaming up solutions that inspire balance.

The Birth of TOME

Something changed for Calvin that Spring morning in 2016. He was at his son’s basketball practice when he knew he had missed something spectacular. The raucous screams of the young team whipped him out of his digital trance. He was fortunate to be spending time at all with his son after a tumultuous family breakdown put even that in jeopardy.

With time, as those worries faded, it never left him how precious moments with loved ones go by unnoticed, particularly in the age of the smart phone. He saw the cost everywhere he went. In restaurants and in bars. With friends and with family. From this, the impetus for a passion project was born.

Today the passion project lives on in TOME through co-creators and partners, design expert George Hadley, British craftsmen Knotch Design and award-winning tech entrepreneur Aaron Mason PhD.

Calvin with his two sons.

Calvin with his two sons.