We are Medietas

TOME is brought to you by Medietas Ltd. We are based in London and were founded in 2016 to create products which bring balance to people’s lives.


calvin niles


A Qualified Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach. Calvin also has over 12 years' operational and commercial management experience in the transport sector, including Revenue Development and Corporate Innovation.


Design Director

Founder of Thoughtcraft Design; George is a creative expert with 15 years’ design experience working across disciplines from brand to print, packaging to websites and apps. 


Chief Technical Officer

PhD in Computer Science. An experienced entrepreneur Aaron has substantial experience in AI, SaaS, HealthTech, ConstructionTech, FinTech, travel, mobile  and B2B from incubation to growth.

Our Story


The digital age has its benefits, and its costs. We are acutely aware that device addiction is a growing problem in the modern world where social skills are crumbling, concentration skills diminishing, and time vanishing faster than ever before. It's contributing to our disconnectedness from our friends, from our loved ones and from ourselves. The compulsion to constantly be on our phones and tablets and consumed by a parallel world that distracts us from what is truly important: The human connection.

It all started in early 2016, when one of our founders, Calvin was dragged out of his digital trance by loud cheering at one of his kids’ basketball practice games. Consumed by his smartphone, Calvin completely missed a precious moment with his son. Yes, he was there sat on the bench, but he was not present in the moment.

In summer 2016 Medietas Ltd was formed, a company focussed on creating products that encourage balance in people’s lives. By the end of 2016, our first product TOME had taken shape. It represents the intention to be more present, a symbolic and functional solution to device distraction. In 2017 a crowd funding campaign was launched through which we received global press interest, many backers and a huge amount of vital feedback. Unfortunately we didn't reach our funding goal, but undeterred and convinced of the need for TOME we continue to develop and refine our product and pursue alternative funding. 

Our mission is to re-establish the human connection through more mindful use of technology.


Production Team

We are working with established designers and production partners in the UK to deliver a uniquely beautiful product.


Thank You

Along the way we've been helped by a great many friends, collaborators and advisors. We appreciate your part in getting TOME to this point...

Laura Barbier, Juan Miguel Cooper, Super Cy, Nick Defty, Nick Fraser, Claire Hadley, Lucy Hadley, Chris James, Alex Jones, Raphan Kebe, Sam Lanyon, Natalie Medon, Igor Piccolotti, Popo, Sergey Khiruntsev, Reema Shah, Mark Small, George Velev, Apeksha Zhao & Saiya Zhao.

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